Is Nature and Log Home Living Your Antidote to Modern Stress?

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Long-term stress has a significant impact on physical and mental health. The American Psychological Association reports long-term stress brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic is resulting in more chronic illnesses and mental health diagnoses. Experts share many tools for managing the negative effects of stress, including eliminating the source of stress, social support, deep breathing, and a consistent sleep routine. While you may not be able to fully eliminate a source of stress, another tip – spending time in nature – has been shown to improve wellbeing.

Do you dream of moving closer to nature?

Nationwide, data shows people are leaving major metropolitan areas for the suburbs. In 2021, an increased number of Americans moved to find a better neighborhood, affordable housing, and a newer or bigger home. If you need to manage your stress level, living among the trees in a log home might be the answer.

The idea of building a new home probably makes your blood pressure rise. By connecting with experts like Frontier Log Homes the experience of building a log home does not need to be so hard. Working with an experienced partner to design a log home and create a custom log home kit reduces the burden on you. A log home kit saves time and gives you the option to be fully hands-on, hands-off, or somewhere in between.

In addition to the right partner, you can create the perfect retreat by keeping a few things in mind.

  • Location, location, location. Is your property in the mountains or on the water? Does it snow? Understanding the outdoor environment is important for designing a log home that will last.
  • Forever home or vacation home? The floor plan and features of a log home should reflect your lifestyle and whether you will live there full-time or just visit.
  • Right size the floor plan. Do you need a log home that accommodates visitors or is it a retirement home for two? Planning for extra bedrooms and spaces or downsizing in anticipation of growing older are important considerations for your log home’s design.

Incorporating nature into the design of your log home will provide an ongoing connection to the outdoors. Consider green building materials that work with the environment and promote sustainability. Design elements like large windows, indoor plants, and nature-inspired colors will promote tranquility indoors.

And make it easy to enjoy your land. Set up comfortable seating areas and walking paths outside, so you receive the full benefit of investing in a log home and living closer to nature. Taking the time to observe nature – listening to the birds singing, seeing sunlight streaming through the trees, smelling the clean, fresh air – will calm your mind and improve your well-being.