Why Keratin Lash Infusion is the Hottest Trend in the Beauty Industry

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Keratin Lash Infusion

Keratin lash infusion is an eyelash treatment that uses a specialized keratin solution to restructure your lashes’ natural shape. It also nourishes them with vitamins and minerals for healthier, stronger lashes.

The treatment is typically done in a salon. A lash technician will clean your lashes and apply the keratin solution on a silicone shield.

Longer Lashes

If you love the look of thick and full lashes but aren’t a fan of the sticky glue and lengthy process of getting eyelash extensions, there’s another option. The keratin lash infusion process is fast, convenient, and doesn’t damage your natural lashes.

This treatment differs from a regular eyelash perm because it uses a patented infusion step of botanical peptides, hydration, and keratin to create beautifully lifted lashes lasting 6-8 weeks. It also helps your lashes grow stronger, healthier, and longer by increasing their hair bulb anchorage.

This procedure is safe for all skin types, but you must visit your appointment with clean lashes. Please avoid touching your eyes for the first 48 hours after your treatment so that you don’t introduce oils into the sensitive area.

Less Excessive Makeup

It may be time to scale back if you constantly apply makeup to enhance your natural beauty. Too much makeup can be heavy on your skin and cause damage. In addition, many cosmetic products contain toxic ingredients such as heavy metals and talc, which can harm your health.

A keratin lash lift is a great way to boost your natural beauty without applying excessive makeup. The lash lift procedure is simple, affordable, and does not cause damage to your eyelashes.

The patented process of a lash lift infuses natural keratin into each lash, lifting and strengthening them. This will give you the appearance of thick, healthy lashes that are naturally beautiful. It also eliminates the hassle of manually curling your lashes or applying fake ones daily.

Less Expensive

Keratin lash infusion is an excellent option for those who don’t want to deal with curling their eyelashes or applying false ones. It’s also less expensive than a regular lash perm.

A keratin lash lift uses a formula that contains peptides and botanical extracts to nourish your lashes. This helps to strengthen them and encourages their growth. It is also a safer alternative to regular perm because it doesn’t use harsh chemicals that can damage your lashes.

In addition, keratin lash infusion is an excellent alternative to mascara and can help you get stunning results that last up to 8 weeks. However, avoiding makeup like mascara after a lash lift is essential because it can cause your lashes to return to their natural state and sabotage the effect.

Less Time-consuming

If you want to boost your eyelashes without having to curl them or spend time applying lash extensions manually, the keratin lash infusion is the beauty trend for you. This treatment can enhance your natural eyelashes, bringing more eye attention. You can also opt for a lash tint for a more dramatic look during your treatment.

Unlike regular lash lifts, our keratin infusion treatment uses a patented technology to add natural keratin to your lashes, which increases their diameter by 40%. It’s also free of thioglycolate and other chemicals, making it healthier for your lashes. For best results, come to your appointment with clean lashes and avoid using makeup for 24 hours after treatment. Lash stylists will tell you the proper aftercare to follow.

Less Damage

Keratin lash infusion is the new way to boost natural eyelashes without needing extensions or false eyelashes. This safe, quick, and convenient treatment strengthens your natural eyelashes with a beautiful lift.

It is infused with a powerful hair-strengthening complex, botanical peptides, and nourishing vitamins that help the lashes look healthy and whole. Free from thioglycolate, parabens, and ammonia, this patented technology increases the lash diameter by up to 40%, leaving lashes super hydrated and healthier with each treatment.

A keratin lash infusion is 100% damage-free and can be repeated as often as desired. It is the best and most gentle lash perm available and can even repair damage caused by other lash perm products.