Walking Tall: A Comprehensive Guide to Women’s Platform Shoes

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Walking tall in platform shoes is easier than you think. These chunky styles make your feet appear longer and can give a sexy look to an evening outfit.

Foam and careful cotton stitching create lightweight platform comfort that gives you a lift without the pain. Try them with a floaty sundress or a laid-back boho vibe.


The heels in a high-heeled shoe create that iconic strut of the “walking tall” style but have downsides. The physics behind the heel-to-toe drop can cause pain and shorten the stride, but shoes are designed to minimize these adverse effects.

Chunky platform sneakers are an excellent option for a more comfortable alternative to high heels. The 2023 styles featured here, which range from a sporty silhouette with added height to an athleisure staple with elongating stripes, come in various neutral and vibrant hues and feature supportive ankle padding and cushioned footbeds.

Aim for a heel-to-toe drop that’s low or zero, meaning the heel isn’t raised higher than the ball of your foot to alleviate pressure on the heels and mimic walking barefoot. The shoes should also fit your feet properly and have a firm heel counter to support the back of the heel.


Women’s platform shoes aren’t all about height; they can make your feet incredibly comfortable. Foam material and cotton stitching create lightweight outsoles that are as breathable as your favorite pair of sneakers and just as sturdy. You’ll be able to power through shifts at the cash register or weekend brunches with a smile and a little extra support on your feet.

There’s something for every occasion, from a platform sneaker silhouette between casual and dressy to a pair of elevated heels that can keep your trouser hem from dragging on the ground. Time-proven sneaker silhouettes lifted a few inches are perfect for everyday strolls and effortless weekend style. And for occasions when you want to amplify your style, platforms add just the right amount of edge to your look.

As more shoppers prioritize versatility, functionality, and a practical and intentional wardrobe, 2023 has seen increased platform footwear offerings.


One of the best things about wearing a pair of platform shoes is that you can take a simple outfit and elevate it with just a few inches of height. Whether you’re a girl looking to make her jeans more stylish or you want to dress up your work clothes, adding a pair of platforms will give you the confidence and visual weight to make any look stand out.

Platforms have long been a favorite of shoe enthusiasts, and they’re back in a big way. Women’s platforms add height with more style than a traditional heel. You can wear them with everyday casual clothes or a dress to take it to the next level. They are comfortable to walk in and will draw attention.

There’s no question that the slingback is one of the most popular styles for women’s platform heels. They have an ankle strap around the back of the foot and heel, exposing only the front. They’re more comfortable than traditional heels because they don’t put as much pressure on the back of your foot.


Whether you’re looking for a pair of sneakers that will elevate your everyday wardrobe or a pair of strappy-heeled sandals that will add height to your go-to dresses, platform flats are a surefire outfit upgrade. These shoes offer the bonus of being easier on your feet than stilettos, and they also tend to look a little less frumpy on leaner body shapes. Whether you’re in the market for retro platform clogs that are comfortable to walk in or a pair of faux leather sneakers with chunky block heels, there are plenty of options.

In addition to looking good, platforms can be more comfortable than high heels for long walks because they distribute your weight over a larger surface area. However, finding a pair that fits your foot is essential. If your flats are too loose, they can lead to sore feet and ingrown toenails, while if they’re too tight, they can cause foot injuries like blisters check out more on magazinebia.com

Commerce writers and editors tested 19 pairs of flats for this roundup, evaluating the comfortability, temperature, fit, durability, and style of each one throughout an entire workday. They also considered size range, customer reviews, and other factors when ranking the footwear.