4 Things that Standout on a Label

Shahazad Masood

4 Things that Standout on a Label

When you contact a company like Columbine Label in Colorado to create product labels, you want something that stands out. After all, the label is the first thing people see. If they’re not already familiar with the product, the label may be the reason someone buys it in the first place. When working on a label designed to make it as appealing as possible, here are things to consider.

1. Name

Your company name must stand out clearly. The company and product line name may cause people to buy it without knowing what the product is about. When your company brand has a good reputation, like L’Oreal, Apple Computers, Fenty Cosmetics, and Miele appliances, people buy based on the name alone. Your company name on your product label should be clear and readable. Therefore, while you can get creative with the font, don’t get too creative to the point it can’t pass assessability levels for the vision impaired.

2. Images

Most people enjoy cool images. Consider the colors and patterns that can catch people’s eyes while still fitting your brand. Bold colors, strong lines, and high-resolution images help your product stand out in a sea of products on a shelf. It can even help you stand out when users scroll through a list of products online, such as on your Amazon page.

3. Description

What you put in your product description is essential for people who want transparency in what they buy. You should have a general blurb that describes what the product is and if there is a story behind it. Include essential information that can affect someone’s health. If it’s a consumable product, have a thorough and honest list of all the ingredients used. Otherwise, if you leave an ingredient out and someone gets sick or dies due to an allergic reaction or poisoning, your business will be liable and susceptible to product recall. A permanent injury or death due to a defective product from not disclosing harmful substances can make your business liable for personal injury.

4. Tracking

Your product label must also have some tracking information. It allows you and your company to know how many items are sold. This tracking code is usually a barcode or QR code with serial numbers. Tracking is essential for your business revenue, accounting for returns, shipping, and validating the length of a warranty. Knowing how many items you’re selling is essential in deciding the type of product your company will continue to make and pull from production.

Your work doesn’t end just because you’ve created a good product. What you include in your label can be a major step in how many items you sell as you build your product brand and reputation. Therefore, you should take your label design seriously.

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