Contracted Bookkeeping for Franchises

Shahazad Masood

Contracted Bookkeeping for Franchises

Anyone in a franchise knows that profit is made by tracking differences. There is an aspect of the operation that has to happen to break-even and to meet the commitments of the franchise agreement. Then there is the margin that actually allows the franchise owner to make profit, income and ultimately the potential for growth. It makes the difference in just getting through the duration of the contract and being able to grow enough to start a new franchise. However, that difference doesn’t happen ambiguously; it occurs and is measured every day with bookkeeping and then with accounting.

Why Does a Bookkeeping Service Make Sense?

The fundamental problem with most franchise templates involves the fact that they do nothing about how to deal with the administrative aspects of running the given business. The franchise candidate-turned-owner takes on that responsibility alone or whomever he or she brings in with them.

For example, if one takes a franchise in McDonald’s, everything and every position is about selling the food product. There is nothing aside from one manager position for administration. And with so many transactions associated with daily sales, bookkeeping is a must for the franchise owner. So, what ends up happening is that the owner does the accounting, whether skilled or not.

As mentioned earlier, smart owners bring someone else in to help, but they too may not have accounting or bookkeeping experience. It leaves a lot of room for mistakes.

With a bookkeeping service, a franchise owner isn’t left on their own. A service immediately brings in experience specific to the business involved and the type of retail, manufacturing or service provided. That allows the owner to focus on running the business, and it ensures the bookkeeping stays on track with accuracy and timely processing. Ultimately, the correct recordkeeping helps with more successful decisions running the business than not.

Obtaining Services is Easy Today

Even very small businesses can access bookkeeping services today that are affordable and effective. Remote support and skilled services that can scale up to large workloads quickly are easily available, no matter what the size of the company that needs them.

Franchise bookkeepers are specifically ideal, versed and experienced in franchise business organizations and their nature of revenue generation. They can format, review, process and post franchise transactions accurately as well as catch issues unfamiliar bookkeepers might miss. Not using such a resource as a franchise owner today is simply leaving good money on the table, something many franchises can’t afford to lose if avoidable.